Understanding Women


Women are famous for assessing a man they like and if you are observant enough, you might be able to catch this hint in their eyes. If you are lucky to come across such an opportunity, you should never let it pass. Women love being showered with beautiful, expensive gifts and being pampered with expensive jewelry especially - diamonds, gold, silver, platinum jewelry. Jewelry can be as expensive as you want it to be.

Dating men is something that women have done forever. They have an equal contribution in developing a relationship and guiding it the direction most suitable. Dating men have to be skilled enough to correctly strike a balance. A friendly and caring approach is desired be almost all women and at the same time there remain self respect and desire of respect.

Women actually love surprises. Oh yes, surprises doesn't cost much. Women often feel victimized by outward displays of anger while their emotional concerns are all but completely ignored. Does anyone else see the warped feedback loop playing itself on echo as one gender's position justifies the other's position and nothing is learned but more relational trauma? Women have special issues in corporate settings in terms of leadership, and I have never come across anyone better at guiding women's careers. She "sees" what I do not see.

Women love a guy who's confident in his looks and his dress. Women can tell you that you're different until they are blue in the face - and you're most likely going to believe her. Why, after all, would she lie? Women that have chosen men with good genes had a stronger offspring and their children survived disproportionally. Those children were carrying their picky mother's genes and this is why those female genes were passed to us.



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