Life After Medicine


Maybe you have decided it is time to retire from your professional life in Medicine and are wondering what life will be like for you when you do so. As a busy doctor you will have been used to a very hectic and full working day. There were always things to be done, targets and deadlines to be met, and reports to be written all to be fitted in between the demands of patients in clinics, of other staff continuously and of your family who complained they never saw you.

How will you manage without the daily pressures of such a high powered job? Perhaps the demands made of you and the pressure you felt were also an excuse not to have to sit down, relax and reflect? Maybe for some of you that lifestyle had the advantage of not allowing you any time to deal with other things going on in your personal life.

But now you are about to leave all of that behind you and may be feeling a bit apprehensive about what it will be like not to have so much going on.

However, retirement is a time to slow down and to realise there are things all around you which are beautiful and wonderful. For years you may not have noticed these because you've been too engrossed in the demands of your day to day activities connected with your work.

Now is the time to stop rushing.Make sure you spend some time each day walking outside, stretching and do some regular exercise such as yoga, or swimming.

Looking after your body, mind and spirit will make your heart sing again.

Take a deep breath and breathe out slowly and look around you. Appreciate your surroundings and see the changes the seasons bring. Start to notice things you usually hurry past. See the sunrise. Watch the sunset over the sea. Look at insects on a flower. Smell the perfume of a rose. When you connect with nature in this way your heart will be full of joy again and your energy will soar. You will gain clarity about all the new and exciting things you can now do and begin to find the energy and motivation to get started and find the life you want after Medicine. You will use your new energy to clarify the vision of what you want and then set achievable goals so that you move forward into that new life.

15 Ways to Save Water and Conserve Energy


You don't have to be trying to "go green" to want to save water and conserve energy. You might just be trying to save money! Conserving energy, saving water (especially hot water) can help you cut down on monthly utility bills and help the environment all at the same time.

Here's a list of tips, some you may know (and need reminding of), but many may be new to you:

1. When you're shaving, don't let the water run. Instead, pull up the plug and put a few inches of water in the sink - and rinse your razor in that. Instant water savings (hot water too)!

2. Only run appliances like your dryer or dishwasher when they're full. Running them when they're part empty means that you're wasting energy, and water.

3. Put insulation on your water pipes. You can buy the foam insulation with the pre-cut slits and just slide it on yourself. This way you get hot water faster without waiting, and you avoid wasting more water when you're waiting for it to get hot.

4. Do you know where your water meter is? Use it to check and see if you have a leak somewhere. Take a shower, and then check your meter. Then tell everyone in the house not to use any water for 2 hours - and got and check the meter. If you've used water per the meter (and nobody used water in the house) you may have a leak somewhere.

5. If your toilet flushes well, consider putting an empty weighted and sealed 20 ounce soda bottle or two in the tank (away from the moving parts). Weight them down with pebbles or rocks inside. Just displacing this little amount of water will save hundreds of gallons throughout the month of flushes.

6. Check your hot water heater to see what the set temperature is. It really doesn't need to be above 120-140 degrees, and if it is you may be heating your water to a higher temperature than it needs to be. In addition, if you have small children in the house, it really isn't safe to have water hotter than 140 degrees available through the tap.

7. Check your water heater, is it warm to the touch? If so, you could probably save money by fitting it with a cheap insulation jacket to keep that heat inside.

8. If you have dripping faucets fix them. Did you know that a dripping faucet could waste as much as 3,000 gallons of water per year?

9. Do you drink water from the tap and let it run to get cold? Store some water in the refrigerator and let it get cold there, rather than letting the water run and wasting it just to get a cold glass of water.

10. Does your toilet run sometimes, sticking open letting all the water rush into the bowl? Fix it with replacement parts so you don't waste water.

11. Do you use a garbage disposal in your sink? They take a lot of water to run. Consider throwing that food out back in your yard for a compost heap instead for the garden to conserve water and be more environmentally friendly.

12. Check your toilet for leaks by adding some food coloring to the tank and waiting 30 minutes. If any of the color seeps through to the bowl - you have a leak that needs to be fixed.

13. Replace your shower with a low-flow or restricted flow shower head that uses less water.

14. Consider taking shorter showers - or using a timer when you and family members are in the shower to conserve both water and energy.

15. Ask a plumber about the possibility of installing an instant water heater under your kitchen sink. This will save a lot of water heating for your household since hot water is used in the kitchen sink quite frequently.

How to Attract Your Ex in 3 Simple Steps


Are you not quite over him or her yet and you suspect your ex is not over you, either? Break down the barriers that could be putting an unnecessary stop to your relationship! Consider these suggestions to learn how to attract your ex in three easy steps.

Step 1 - Healing Means Time

Difficult as it may be, you must give your former significant other the time they need to think and heal. Believe it or not, you probably also need the time to really put things in perspective. This is one of the most difficult stages, but be patient. Unfortunately, there are no set rules regarding how long this period should take. Just realize, anxious as you may be to contact him or her, one day and probably one week is not enough.

Step 2 - Make a Few Appearances and Socialize

When it comes to knowing how to attract your ex, dressing up a bit never hurts. Although you do not want to fall back on physical looks completely. Making yourself a little more attractive (especially if you fell into a comfortable slump)can turn your ex's head. Not to mention, who doesn't feel more confident when they know they look good?

Spend time out with friends as you make these public appearances. Good people will make you feel better which can make all the difference. If you want to make your ex want you, let him or her see you having a great time, despite their absence! At the very least, it will peak their curiosity.

Step 3 - Careful Communication

Now that you both have had some time to think you can open up communication. Take it slow and do not rush things. If one party does not feel ready, then go back a step. If you wish to convey serious thoughts and feelings to your ex but are nervous about actually saying them, try writing a letter. Even if you plan to meet face to face, you can still hand them the prepared message and alleviate some of the stage fright.


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