Life After Medicine


Maybe you have decided it is time to retire from your professional life in Medicine and are wondering what life will be like for you when you do so. As a busy doctor you will have been used to a very hectic and full working day. There were always things to be done, targets and deadlines to be met, and reports to be written all to be fitted in between the demands of patients in clinics, of other staff continuously and of your family who complained they never saw you.

How will you manage without the daily pressures of such a high powered job? Perhaps the demands made of you and the pressure you felt were also an excuse not to have to sit down, relax and reflect? Maybe for some of you that lifestyle had the advantage of not allowing you any time to deal with other things going on in your personal life.

But now you are about to leave all of that behind you and may be feeling a bit apprehensive about what it will be like not to have so much going on.

However, retirement is a time to slow down and to realise there are things all around you which are beautiful and wonderful. For years you may not have noticed these because you've been too engrossed in the demands of your day to day activities connected with your work.

Now is the time to stop rushing.Make sure you spend some time each day walking outside, stretching and do some regular exercise such as yoga, or swimming.

Looking after your body, mind and spirit will make your heart sing again.

Take a deep breath and breathe out slowly and look around you. Appreciate your surroundings and see the changes the seasons bring. Start to notice things you usually hurry past. See the sunrise. Watch the sunset over the sea. Look at insects on a flower. Smell the perfume of a rose. When you connect with nature in this way your heart will be full of joy again and your energy will soar. You will gain clarity about all the new and exciting things you can now do and begin to find the energy and motivation to get started and find the life you want after Medicine. You will use your new energy to clarify the vision of what you want and then set achievable goals so that you move forward into that new life.


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