Fact Sheet on Childhood Obesity


Our fact sheet on childhood obesity will focus on the basic statistics of childhood obesity, plus some of the usual causes and possible treatment of the problem. Scientifically, formal studies on obesity in children and adolescents have been done since the early eighties.

If we compare the statistics that have been collected and compare it to the current numbers we have now, it would appear that within only 30 years, the rate of obesity in children as young as six has already tripled. The risk of adult obesity increases with age; adolescent children who are overweight now have a seventy percent chance of remaining obese in their adulthood.

The cost of obesity in America

According to the National Academy of Sciences, the nineties were the tipping point in medical expenditure due to obesity. More than $125 million was spent on treating obesity and the conditions that came along with it. It has also been found that a lower socio-economic standing also contributed to the incidence of being overweight or being clinically obese in adolescent children.

How much exercise?

While there are many recommendations for how long exercise should be from so-called 'experts' in the field of weight loss and dietetics, it would be safe to follow the basic requirement: children below the age of 12 need at least 2 ½ hours of exercise per week to be healthy. Eating habits should also be improved in order to maximize the benefits provided by the regular physical activity.

Children above the age of 12 on the other hand, need more exercise to stay healthy. According to an online fact sheet on childhood obesity bearing US health guidelines, the recommended exercise for children 12 and above is at least 3 hours and 45 minutes per week. Because as a person grows older, his metabolism slows down, which is why any fact sheet on childhood obesity would recommend more exercise every few years to remain below the overweight category.

You can only imagine what kind of eating habits children have now, which is why it is imperative for every concerned parent to step in now to prevent obesity in their children, if it has not happened yet.

Childhood obesity should not be taken lightly; the problem will not 'go away on its own'. Obesity is not a phase that a child simply outgrows; it's medical condition that will get worse if nothing is done. Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are quite common to people who are obese, and diabetes does not pick its victims. Additionally, children as young as 5 can develop cardiovascular anomalies such as hypertension, and early onset of Atherosclerosis.

10 Ways You Can Help Others That Will Help You Too


Helping others when it is needed is a great way to give back as well as give to you. There's still something about the human spirit that drives many people to volunteer when other people need help. Here are 10 ways you can get out and help:

1. Volunteer as a reader to children at your local library. In the Los Angeles, as an example, they have people who do readings to young children. I did volunteer reading as part of a non-profit organization known as Reading to Kids.
2. Help out at an annual "Make a Difference Day" event. Every year across the United States, Make a Difference Day challenges communities to help out. Whether cleaning up a community or to raise money for an orphanage, you have the ability to make a difference.
3. Visit a nursing home or brighten the day of a hospice patient. I've done this and entertained the patients there with my puppets. I can tell you that they really enjoy it.
4. Take a CERT training class through your local fire department and volunteer to help out as part of a call-out team. CERT stands for Community Emergency Response Team and was organized in the event of a major disaster. It's about communities being able to help themselves. I completed my CERT training through the Los Angeles Fire Department.
5. Be a mentor to a child. There are a lot of different mentor opportunities that you can do. If you're good with a computer, you can teach a low-income child how to use one. You might also want to help them with their homework.
6. Be a foster parent. Many children need good parents in times of crisis. Use your skills that you developed to help them on a temporary basis. If you are good with animals, then you might want to be a foster parent for a homeless cat or dog.
7. Feed the homeless. There are more and more people living on the street each year. Many of these are families. You have the chance to help feed some of these in your own community. Some churches help sponsor events - especially during the holidays.
8. Teach a class. Many years ago I taught my first volunteer class to middle school students as part of the DARE+ program. It's well worth it to provide your knowledge and experience and pass it on to children in your area.
9. Deliver a meal. There are many seniors who are unable to cook for themselves and many live alone. You can take a little time to deliver a meal to those that need it. Many times it's the only food they'll get all day.
10. Be a docent at a local museum. If you have some specialized knowledge that pertains to your local museum or even some insight, volunteering as a docent is rewarding to you and to those that visit.

Volunteering will help you to live longer, live happier, and make a difference in the lives of others. There are many more volunteer activities that you can do than is listed here. Go to VolunteerMatch.org for more information on how you can volunteer in your own area.

Simple Tips For Weight Loss Success


Many people find it hard to lose weight. The simple fact is that things are somewhat against you. Evolution has ensured that your body is programmed to put weight on rather than lose it, just in case you enter a famine. Given the number of fast food chains in Western Countries, a famine is not likely. But, while it may be tough, it is possible to get rid of body fat. Below you will find some advice that can assist you in this process.

Tip 1: Do a Clean Out

The first step to losing weight is to clean out your kitchen cupboards of all the foods that you shouldn't be eating. Then, take the car keys and head down to the supermarket to purchase plenty of fresh, low fat food. By having a kitchen full of healthy, fresh food you will be less likely to snack or eat those high calorie food. And this is one of the keys to weight loss - setting things up in your environment that pushes you in the right direction.

Tip 2: Carry a Protein-Rich Snack Everywhere You Go

Hunger can strike anywhere at anytime. By having a high protein snack with you it is possible to stop it straight away. This is will ensure that you won't wait until you are starving and then go and gorge yourself on high calories food to satisfy the hunger quickly. In fact, it is often a good idea to eat small snacks regularly throughout the day in order to stop your hunger getting to the point where you feel like eating large amounts of bad food.

Tip 3: Snack On A Piece of Fruit on the Way Home

By eating something before you arrive home, you will be less likely to hit the pantry for a large snack when you get inside the house. It will also help you last the distance until dinner time.

5 Secrets to Losing Weight Faster


Whether you are trying to slim down for vacation, a high school reunion, or just ready to lose weight fast in order to become healthier, most of us would like to lose some weight quickly. Just remember, there is no overnight miracle. It takes some time to lose weight, but following these 5 secrets to losing weight fast will help you get there quicker.

1. Eat smaller meals more often. Your first meal should be around 7:30am and your last around 9pm, with the other 3-4 meals evenly spaced throughout the day. Your largest meal of the day should be lunch and should consist of a certain amount of protein and carbohydrates. You should consume your last meal of the day no later than 3 hours before you go to sleep.

2. Drink plenty of water. Try to drink 8 eight ounce glasses of water every single day. You can knock 2 of the eight out by drinking at least 16 ounces of water as soon as you wake up. Drinking water is one of the best ways to lose weight fast.

3. Cut out the diet drinks. Diet drinks can stop you from losing weight unless you drink something immediately after drinking a diet drink. Try to avoid diet drinks all together or just save them for your cheat day. Water is always the best choice.

4. Eat your meals slower. The body takes at least 10 minutes to tell the brain that you are full. By slowing down your meals, you are less likely to overeat. Portion your meals correctly and you won't have to worry about overeating.

5. Get at least 1 hour of moderate exercise 5 times per week. You can walk for one hour at a moderate pace with 2 pound dumbbells to squeeze the most out of your workout.

Exercise to Grow Taller


If you are having problems with your height and you want to grow taller, you must not simply sit back. You have to work hard to exercise to grow taller. There are people who are whining about their short height and they just keep on whining but not doing anything about it. If you want to grow taller all you have to do is to exercise. Why? Because being active will also boost the secretion of your human growth hormone that is necessary for you to increase your height.

What does exercising can contribute in your chances of increasing your height? Well, studies have it that if you have an active metabolism due to exercising a lot, your body will keep on producing and secreting human growth hormone. By this it means that exercise coupled with proper diet can really make you grow taller. The old thinking that the growth of a person stops at the age of 18 is not true. Although age slows down growth, it does not mean that it stops. You just have to work hard for your to grow more.

Here are the exercises that you need to do if you really want to grow taller:

Swimming. As I often puts it, you have got to swim your way to a taller and new you. Have you ever wondered or noticed how swimmers seem to have longer bodies? Well, they really do have longer bodies which means that they are taller than any other individuals. Swimming, as other perceived it, is something that could really stress. You need to live a stress-free life because stress can prevent you from growing taller. Swim often and at the end of the day, you will be an inch taller. Do this activity at least 3 times a week for an even better result.

Do Regular Back Stretch. If you want to grow taller and if you have been exercising a lot lately, you have got to focus on giving your self a good back stretch. This is because even if you want to grow taller you still have to ensure that you are still in a good posture. If you have a bad posture, being tall will be a big problem for you. So do some back stretching by grabbing your hands from the back. After which bend forward while keeping your arms straight.

10 Steps From Depression to Career Transition - And Life Change


If you're feeling worn out and frustrated as you try to re-invent yourself or transition your career, have faith. It isn't going to kill you.

So much of the re-invention process comes down to making the decision to play to win - then positioning yourself to actually do it.

10 Steps from Depression into Career Transition

1. Get dressed in the morning. Look good. Feel good so you can deliver.

2. Exercise. Do you stop exercising because you get depressed or do you get depressed because you stopped exercising? Do whatever you need to do in order to keep your depression at bay. Take your meds. Pray. Take care of yourself so you are able to deliver at your greatest level of performance.

3. Take charge of your brain. If you put negative in, you get negative out. Put positive in, get positive out. You have tremendous power to control what you are thinking and, when you start hearing the negative tapes, just give yourself a verbal "Stop" cue. Deliberately replace your negative thoughts with something positive. It's easier if you have a list of five positive things to go to for those low moments. For example, "I've been so successful in the past. I'm smart enough to get through this."

4. Know that these tough times will not last forever. As much as it feels like you are sinking into a bottomless pit of quicksand, you aren't. Don't let yourself slide into the mentality that says you may never get another job, that you may never make as much as you once made, that you will have to work until the day you die. All that does is make you struggle more.

5. Remember who you are and who you are not. I see a lot of people who experience rejection and then process it as failure. They forget how talented and viable they are, so it becomes harder to project themselves as desirable. That poises them for more rejection. You have not lost your talent. And your setbacks have not erased your successes. They are just obstacles. You have succeeded in the past and you will succeed in the future.

6. Choose your friends carefully. If you surround yourself with hopeless people, you'll lose hope. This can be hard if most of your friends are former co-workers who were also laid off. And, that can be even worse if you are competing for the same jobs against your friends. You'll constantly wonder why someone got an interview or job that you didn't. For the time being, be around people who will propel your success.

7. Network. Duh. We've all heard "It's not what you know but who you know." Well, it is also how you know them. Don't network to make business connections. Network to make relationships. It is more important that you know that somebody likes to watch Grey's Anatomy and loves pizza with anchovies than it is that you know their job description. Make important people fall in love with your personality and leverage those friendships so they take care of you professionally.

8. Listen. What are you supposed to do with your life? The universe will send you many prompts. Great turning points often present themselves in passing.

9. Don't limit yourself to the classifieds. Executives are constantly asking other executives, "Do you know anyone who can..." They don't want to advertise jobs because they don't want 8,000 resumes. Network, network, network. Figure out where you want to work, then start writing key people to introduce yourself. There is a lot more on this in my book, Finding the UP in the Downturn.

10. Know your weekly goals and achieve them by setting daily tasks. Then, DO THEM. Do something every day to move you closer to your goal. Whether you spend time networking or writing letters or taking classes or attending job fairs, do something to keep yourself in the game.

The most important thing is to have faith. Things will work out. I am not being flip. I am not shrugging off your pain or uncertainty. Things do have a way of working out. I don't want to minimize anybody's suffering or delude myself into thinking that hope conquers all, but the truth is that there are very few of you who will wind up eating out of garbage cans. There's so much you can't control, so give it to the wind.

What is the Best Weight Loss Pill


Trying to lose weight can be hard when combined with today's hectic lifestyles. Eating the right kind of foods at the right times can often be impossible, with most of us having to grab food on the go, often leading to poor choices.

Most dieters complain that they don't have enough time to go to the gym, exercise, and prepare healthy meals.

This may be the reason behind the boom that the diet pill industry is currently experiencing. Sales of the best weight loss pills are nearly 3 times higher than in recent years.

There are also changes in attitude to the actual types of diet supplements that we buy, with best selling fat burners now left on the shelf in favour of natural fat binders and appetite suppressants.

Fat Burners have received a lot of negative press as of late, with the FDA banning a number of popular fat burning formulas due to potentially fatal side effects. Hydroxycut was the latest casualty, stemming from an investigation into the death of a US teenager.

Prescription weight loss pills are not following the same trend however, with sales down on average during 2009. It seems that over-the-counter is far more convenient, and in most cases safer than prescription drugs.

The general consensus when looking for the best weight loss pill is to choose natural. Supplements which contain either Hoodia Gordonii - a potent natural appetite suppressant, or Prickly Pear extract - known to eliminate 28% of fat from your regular meals, prove by far to be the most popular. Both are clinically proven to help you lose weight, and have no reported side effects.

The hard part is finding quality weight loss pills which contain genuine amounts of these ingredients.

Computer Repairs - A Booming Industry


Computer repairs are indeed a booming industry today. It is assured to do good business as long as the computers will be in use. The world economy today runs on computers. Every businesses' data is stored in computers and accessed. Even education today depends on computers. Every household has a personal computer. People even on the move carry the laptop with them.

The computers have today become an irreplaceable object in our lives. Everything that we do today is done through the computers. Hence when it crashes we feel as if we have been completely cut off from the world. We do not have access to anything. But with the help of the onside computer repairs service you can now be assured of getting timely assistance.

The assistance can be provided onside or you can also get technical help over the phone. The manufacturers of computers often provide you assistance with computer repairs. They have with them certified technical professionals and they only provide assistance for their individual brand. But the question arises what you do if you are using a high end assembled computer. The assembled computers are not of any particular brand. Hence getting technical assistance in this case can be a challenge.

The advent of private firms has resolved the issue of getting technical assistance for these assembled systems. There are many companies that have come which provide technical assistance. They have within their fold well qualified and certified professionals. You can reach them over the phone or online and discuss the problem you are facing. They will either guide you with the resolution step by step over the phone or access the computer directly. With the help of the IP address of your computer they will remote access and resolve any software issue that you may be facing.

In places like Sydney, Australia, there is a huge demand for computer repairs technician. One easy way of reaching out to the technicians there is by looking for their information online. You can do a general search on the internet by typing laptop repairs Sydney or computer repairs Sydney.

The technicians apart from repairing the computers also maintain the servers. The responsibilities of the technicians includes not just resolving technical issues but also configuring and building new hardware, installing software's and also updating them. They are also responsible for the smooth running of the computer networks. These technicians work both in the public as well as the private sectors.

The demand for the technicians have increased so much today that institutes have sprung up that offer degree and certificate programs to new technicians. After getting the certificate and the degree they undergo a special training before they start assisting the customers. Thus you can look for technicians in your area if you face any technical problem. You can look for the information online and reach them to get immediate assistance.

How to Choose a Gift For Your Dear?


One of the best presents for a loved one is the refined and stylish jewelry. Probably, you will not find a girl who can resist the temptation of a beautiful necklace, delicate bracelet, or a string of beads, bringing out the color of her eyes. However, if you want your gift to be truly personal, you need to choose a hand crafted item.

Handicraft helps create unique, one of a kind pieces: if an article has not come off a production line, and is made by one person from start to finish, it becomes more personal and more valuable to an owner. A creator puts a part of his soul into every masterpiece and his labor results in an item that is not only exquisite but also is pride of an artist.

In the modern world, romanticism is valued very highly. Romanticism is a component that is in short supply in many a relationship. Hand crafted pieces of jewelry are the gifts that add warmth to our lives and brighten feelings, described in the most beautiful love-stories.

Any object that has come off a production line becomes one of many. Even if you do not see the second copy of this object ever in your life, you still know that it exists and that your piece of jewelry is just one of a lot. The production line assembly deprives bijouterie of charm and certain mysterious and desirable aura, which is a must for jewelry. Will you want to give simply a necklace, a bracelet or a string of beads as a present for your beloved? It will be more pleasant for both of you, if a gift becomes not simply an ornament, but a treasure with its own history, distinct features and a small mystery. Such a gift can turn into a really memorable heirloom, be passed down from generation to generation, and become imbued with romantic histories.

To understand the importance and attractiveness of hand crafted jewelry let us look into history. At primordial times, when hides were worn instead of clothes, men already were presenting different nice ornamentations to women. In the Ancient World and in the Middle Ages a quality of work and nuances of production of a certain master played a very important role. Jewelry was a language of human relations. Looking at rings on one's fingers people could determine the rank of a person who stood before them. Bangles, necklaces and gorgets played another role: they protected a possessor from wicked forces. An ornament of handiwork presented as a gift was not only an expensive thing, but a message, telling about the internal world and feelings of a giver. We offer you the best decorations, which can become wonderful gifts for the people you love. To present decoration of handiwork to your dear is the same as to write her a flaming love letter.

Not only is handmade jewelry a magnificent personal gift but also a unique object. In fact, in the whole wide word a second such thing simply does not exist. Execution by hand and the highest quality make each article a real masterpiece of art, which does not have any parallels.

Women's Health and Fitness


What has happened to woman's health and fitness? Today women live very hectic busy lives working, shopping, keeping the household running and let's not forget the most important job of all being a housewife and mom. Most women have no time to think about health and fitness. And if they do the answer is join a gym or order a food program.

The most important thing about a woman's health and fitness routine is that she takes the time to make a health and fitness program to accommodate her. First, take your health and fitness schedule and fit it into your routine. Make the schedule so that it doesn't cause more stress to your life. The whole point is to make you more relaxed. So start your fitness routine slow especially if you haven't exercised in a long time. Have fun ask a friend to go with you or take your family with you for a walk. There are so many outdoor fitness activities you can do with friends and families. Most cities have started to develop bike paths and walking paths to get the communities to go out and be more healthy and active. Find one in your town, you will find it refreshing and that after time you will have so much more energy just from walking. Plus with a good healthy diet and fitness routine you will see yourself be more energetic, less stressed and relaxed.

Even if you are a woman who has a health and fitness routine keep it up! Remember to take time for yourself to meditate on the day. This will help you maintain the fitness routine and keep your mental and physical well being in check.

Burn Fat Quickly


We all want to burn fat quickly for weight loss. They're many reasons why you might want this maybe to Trim that butt, waste that cellulite, smooth those love handles, and bust that belly. In this article you will see exactly how fat burning works and how to get the best out of your exercise program.

Step 1) A smart way to burn calories is to split your exercise training session into two small sessions rather than one long period.

Step 2) Increase how much you eat fiber foods. It is a fact that the necessary amount of fiber is lacking in most of our daily meals. Fiber aids your fat burning process significantly and in addition, promotes an overall general health. Salads are great because they have fiber in them.

Step 3) Don't get to stuffed. Before every meal drink one glass of water; then eat. Once you are satisfied and full then stop eating. Never stuff yourself. If your over at a guest house don't feel the pressure to finish your whole plate. If your full then your full. Worry about your body.

Step 4) A great way to start your metabolism fast is workout for 15 minutes in the morning then eat breakfast. However make sure you remember step 3. Don't get over stuffed.

If you really want to burn fat quickly; then you should start by following the steps above. This is the bear minimum. Your going to need to keep with it, remember some people lose weight faster than others. Just stick with it.


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