How to Attract Your Ex in 3 Simple Steps


Are you not quite over him or her yet and you suspect your ex is not over you, either? Break down the barriers that could be putting an unnecessary stop to your relationship! Consider these suggestions to learn how to attract your ex in three easy steps.

Step 1 - Healing Means Time

Difficult as it may be, you must give your former significant other the time they need to think and heal. Believe it or not, you probably also need the time to really put things in perspective. This is one of the most difficult stages, but be patient. Unfortunately, there are no set rules regarding how long this period should take. Just realize, anxious as you may be to contact him or her, one day and probably one week is not enough.

Step 2 - Make a Few Appearances and Socialize

When it comes to knowing how to attract your ex, dressing up a bit never hurts. Although you do not want to fall back on physical looks completely. Making yourself a little more attractive (especially if you fell into a comfortable slump)can turn your ex's head. Not to mention, who doesn't feel more confident when they know they look good?

Spend time out with friends as you make these public appearances. Good people will make you feel better which can make all the difference. If you want to make your ex want you, let him or her see you having a great time, despite their absence! At the very least, it will peak their curiosity.

Step 3 - Careful Communication

Now that you both have had some time to think you can open up communication. Take it slow and do not rush things. If one party does not feel ready, then go back a step. If you wish to convey serious thoughts and feelings to your ex but are nervous about actually saying them, try writing a letter. Even if you plan to meet face to face, you can still hand them the prepared message and alleviate some of the stage fright.



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