Private Schools Vs Public Schools - Top 5 Reasons Why Private Schools Are Better Than Public School


Since the times of the Jesuits, private schools have typically outperformed public schools both educationally and with prestige. Although there has been a long debated political and social debate about whether an independent or public school is best, private schools typically outperform public schools for a variety of reasons.

1. Private Schools have the best specialized and trained teachers.
This is one of the most crucial differences between public and non-public school. With better teachers, thus, one can infer that a private school will deliver a higher standard of education

2. They tend to have smaller class sizes than most non-private schools.
The average class size for a public school is around 30 students while the class size for a private school is around 18 students. With budget cuts sweeping down various states including California, class sizes are expected to rise with many layoffs.

3. State budget cuts don't affect schools that get money from the state.
Most public schools are making concessions to try and reduce their overall expenses, cutting down useful programs and teachers. However, schools not funded by the state are hardly making any reductions in their overall economic budge.

4. Also, Students are motivated to preform higher in independent schools than in state funded schools.
Because parents and guardians are paying for their student's education, the students are pressured to preform well and impress their parents.

5. Private Schools typically have better built schools and more funding for sports.
Although this may not be true for all private and independent schools, most have modern or upgraded infrastructure and better funding for sports. With a better looking school many parents and students feel a sense of pride and school spirit. Also, increased funding for sports helps school spirit as students are more likely to enjoy a winning team.

However, some private schools are difficult and extremely prestigious in the way they recruit future students. They often require exams such as the ISEE and the SSAT, which as an SAT for college.

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