How to Eat More and Lose Weight at the Same Time


Is it even possible to lose weight when you are eating more? Sounds too good to be true. But fitness enthusiasts are secretly smiling. They know something that others don't. It is, in fact, true that you can eat more than you normally do, and still lose weight at the same time. How does that work?

The secret lies in knowing what to eat. I'm sure you would have heard of the many so-called "healthy" diets that TV programs promote. Those are full of salads and other low calorie meals. But consuming low calorie meals is just one part of the equation.

If you want to lose weight for the long term, you must master both sides of the equation. On the one hand, you have your diet plan to think about. And on the other hand, you have your exercise program to think about.

The two must go hand in hand. Otherwise, your weight loss program is destined for failure. Let's take a look at why you need both for your program to be successful.

If you only have a diet plan, and you don't work out, you are not growing any stronger. In other words, there is no chance of your metabolism improving. That means the only way to lose weight is to lower your calorie count. But there is a limit as to how much calories you can avoid consuming per day.

Don't view calories as the ultimate enemy. It is not. In fact, you need between 1500 to 2000 calories each day in order to stay healthy. With all that calories, how does one lose weight then?

Here comes the other part of the equation - your exercise program. In order to boost your metabolism, you have no choice but to gain lean muscle mass. And there is only one way to do so - by engaging in resistance training.

Resistance training here means that you are using your muscles to push against an opposing force. It can be dumb bells, resistance strings / springs, or it can be your own weight. As long as you are using your muscles to push against an opposing force, your muscles will respond and grow accordingly.

When you are engaged in work outs, you have to choice but to eat well. Feed yourself with lots of proteins (about 1g of protein for every 1 pound of weight) so that you have enough for muscle growth and repair. As your muscles grow, your metabolic rate will become faster.

After about 4 weeks, you will start to notice changes to your body. Not only will you feel better, you will also look better. With an increased metabolic rate, your body now burns fat at a faster rate.

That's the main reason why you can eat more and yet lose weight at the same time! Your body just burns off the fat, even while you are not exercising.



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