How Can I Get Permanent Weight Loss?


That's what I asked myself five years ago. I searched Google but did not find a single, meaningful answer to the question; how can I get a permanent weight loss? If you take a look yourself, you will see lots of promises about weight loss, even permanent weight loss, but all of them require you to count calories to lose weight. None of them can promise you won't put the weight back on again. Yet isn't that what a permanent weight loss means?

I have spent five years testing a a discovery I made back then. It has enabled me to stay slim for the past five years. Yet, for the thirty years prior to that, I had struggled, unsuccessfully, to lose weight for more than brief periods.

That has all changed. I not only look a lot better, I feel great and I cannot remember a time when I had more energy. What has made this change possible?

First of all, I discovered That Diets Do Not Work. Not ever. They can't work because they contradict nature. That applies no matter how convincing or how healthy a diet sounds, it will not work.

You were not designed by nature to diet, and the moment you start to count calories, you have already defeated yourself. You see, our body was created with built-in weight control, which nature designed to help adjust and keep our weight stable. The moment we start to mess with calorie charts and food groups we are eating foods we were not designed to eat and we are depriving our body of the very food it needs to perform the tasks we always depended on it to do in the past.

We effectively send our body famine messages which ultimately interfere with the body's natural mechanism.

Most of us, who have dieted several times, have reached a point when we have lost the ability to control our weight. The result is, we have had to rely on 'experts' to advice us how to lose weight and the 'experts just happen to be the creators of the very same diets which have caused our problems in the first place.
It is not possible to lose weight on a diet for long. Very soon we are destined to put the weight right back on again. Each time we try, we put on more weight than we had when we began. At least the body still knows how to protect itself, even if it is for the wrong reason.

You need to learn how to sort this out because it is not going to get better till you do. What I have learned really should have been discovered long go, by a professional. It should have come from a scientist or a medical research facility and I waited five years for that to happen. When it didn't and when I heard we now have an obesity epidemic, I realized I had to do something. So I wrote down everything I had learned.

Anyone who knows my story will understand why this has happened, how we can stop it and how we can reverse the process. We need to make sure our body can once again function as nature meant it to do.
If this all sounds too fantastic, ask anyone who was an adult forty years ago. They can tell you that back then most people were slim. Slim Was Normal. Ongoing weight problems were rare and usually caused by a medical condition like thyroid or diabetes.

In those days slim people were by far the majority. Type2 diabetes had never been heard of and obesity was an abnormality. Today, most people, some sixty percent, are clinically overweight. No one believes that this problem is NOT going to get worse with each year that passes.

The greatest tragedy is that it is no longer a problem confined to the individual. It has become a generational problem and a 'family problem'. Our children now inherit our lifestyle along with the weight.



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