The Biggest Secret in Repair Windows Errors


This is one of the biggest secrets that I will be sharing and one that the big companies will hate me revealing as it will save you time and a lot of money: One of the reasons that PC repair can be so profitable is that it can be so time consuming: loading software, running scans, patching problems and endless reboots. When your been charged by the hour, that's great for them, not so great for your wallet.

This led to some specialized PC repair companies spring up that off a service that is know in the trade as nuke and pave. Rather than fix a specific problem, the important data is backed up, the drive wiped clean (wiping out the problems) and then windows gets a fresh install. This can be a great service, not as expensive but you do have usually have to have your PC taken away. Why? because to make money on such a low price the repair company wants to have a technician working on as many PCs at a time as possible. So they can set up a bench of 10 pcs or more and he can work his way through wiping and reinstalling.

Now imagine if you could do that for your self. I can already see the looks on your face at the though of backing all your data up, wiping the drive clean and then reinstalling windows. No fear there is a great new service called ReImage that does it all for you online. ReImage is a kind of hybrid of the nuke and pave idea but with some very clever thinking. The ReImage software looks at your system and finds whats wrong, which pieces of the operating system are corrupted or damaged. It then goes to its online warehouse of good files and downloads only what it needs to to repair your PC. It keeps your data and applications safe. No backing up, no worries, no reinstalling.

The software is very easy to use, even a novice can fix their PC from the comfort of their chair. No making appointments for a technician to come to you, repair your PC at your leisure, when it suits you.

ReImage is an online service so you have access to complete repairs 24 hours a day. How much would it cost you to have a repair company on stand by like that?

If you cannot get online to repair your pc you can download a free copy of their bootable CD builder that establishes Internet access from a damaged or broken PC. Once you access the Internet and log-in to ReImage , you can start the repair. Reboot after the repair, and the PC will be brought back to life again!

So what can it fix?

  • Virus and Spyware problems. ReImage can deactivate and remove viruses and spyware software including the notorious Antivirus 2009.
  • Blue Screen errors
  • Internet Explorer problems
  • Continuous shut/down start-up
  • System errors Replacing damaged DLLs and System files.
  • Performance and Hardware Check Ups.
  • Hard Drive errors

This really is a great service

  • Fast: average repairs takes 40 minutes
  • Convenient: Repairs done online when you need them. Available 24 hours a day
  • Satisfaction: Easy to undo a repair if your not happy, 7 day money back guarantee
  • Value: an on site visit for virus removal from GeekSquad can cost in excess of $299 dollars. Reimage is a one off fee of $65 dollars or buy a block of 3 repairs, valid for a year for $79 dollars



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