To Get Someone Back Try a Heartfelt Apology


You may be making the act of getting someone back more difficult than it has to be. There really is little difference in how you approach the situation if your ex left you a few days ago or a few months ago. To put it simply, you have to be committed to your cause and very determined to take the needed actions to get your ex back. That is your first goal. So, are you ready and determined?

Once you are committed you need to sit down and think about what went wrong in your relationship and how you may have played a part in it. Write your thoughts down if that works better for you. Your plan is not to place the blame on any one person but to simply figure out what you need to do to come up with an apology so you can make things right again. The old saying still applies. It takes two to make a relationship and two to break it up. Be sure to be honest with yourself if you are in part to blame for your breakup.

If the truth be told, in order to get someone back after a break up, you will need a very good apology. There is a way to get the apology to work better. It must really be a twofold plan. The apology must be an explanation of why you are sorry and then an explanation of the plan you will implement so that the same wrongs don't occur again. This may sound overly academic but it is the only way an apology can be considered a good apology in a situation where you are trying to get someone back.

When you explain in detail to your ex why you are sorry for the wrongs that were done, they will understand that you have taken the time to analyze the relationship in a way that does not put the blame on any one person. They will see that you have come up with what was objectionable about your own, and their behavior. But, if you are having trouble separating out your passion from thinking analytically then you may need a third party to help you be more clear in your thoughts.

A third party who is a professional may help in your situation. They can help you see things from the point of view of your ex. This could be the key to a good apology that will get someone back. This apology does not mean you will be a slave to your ex, doing anything he or she says. A third party will help you avoid that situation and think more clearly. If the professional thinks that your ex has a good point about some aspect of your behavior they will tell you and may also be able to help you change your bad behavior.

The second part of the apology, as we mentioned, is where you explain to your ex how the bad things that went on will not happen again. In this part you will present your ex with a good plan that you want to put in place, to ensure wrong behavior does not happen again. When your ex hears about your plan they will understand how sincere you are about getting them back. If they see you are working with a professional your ex will feel that there is hope for a second chance, since your desire to get them back is obvious.

To sum it up we can say it is important when trying to win someone back to be very sincere and honest in your efforts for an apology. When you behave in a determined but thoughtful manner, the chances are in your favor for getting your ex back.



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