Writing - Top 7 Tips to Help You to Write More


Writing is an essential skill in the online world. The more you write, the more you earn. Let's look at seven tips which will help you to write more.

1. Use Free Writing to Create Text

Inexperienced writers stare at the computer screen. Experienced writers just start writing. They know that writing begets writing, and as long as they keep their fingers moving they will produce something worthwhile.

2. Set Goals for Your Writing

The goals you set depend on you. I like to set process goals, as well as financial goals. Process goals help you to boost your productivity. For example, you might set a process goal of two articles written each day, or 500 words written each day.

When you're starting out, it's difficult to set financial goals, but set a goal anyway. You can't hit a goal you don't set.

3. Create Plans to Achieve Your Goals (Even if You Don't Know How)

Even if you don't know how, create a simple plan which will help you to reach each of your goals. Since you can't "do" goals, you can only do tasks, you need to create plans.

4. Think Visually: Use Keywords and Mind Maps

I use mind maps every day, with everything that I write. Mind maps help you to use both sides your brain, and you'll find that when you use them, not only does your writing flow more easily, but it's more fun as well.

5. Write First Each Day (Yes, You Make a Cup of Coffee First)

If you're a new writer, make writing the first thing you do every day. Get up an hour earlier if you have to -- keep it up until writing is just a habit, it's what you do automatically.

6. Silence! Don't Share Your Words With Civilians

Don't share your writing with friends or relatives or anyone else if you're just looking for approval. This is pointless. Post your "free" writing online, on a blog, where it will help you to brand yourself.

If you're looking for buyers for your writing, share it with the people who can buy it; that is, with editors, agents, and webmasters.

7. Get Away from Your Computer: Write at Coffee Shops, Parks, the Beach...

You can feel pressured to produce when you're sitting in front of your computer. Take your writing to another location. You'll find that this inspires you, and gives you a fresh perspective.



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