Stopping Cat Fights


It is natural for kittens to have a little play fight every now and then. It is in them to learn this behavior. The trouble starts though when they become cats and the fights end up hurting them. Here are a few short tips to breaking up a cat fight.

Never step in between the cats while they are fighting. They don't know or care you are there. Take a broom and guide one cat into a room. This separates the two fight cats. After an hour check on the cat. If it is ready to eat then you know he or she is out of battle mode.

Don't have multiple cats in your home. If you have too many then they can't find a space to get away from the other cats.

Another good tip is to take a blanket and toss it on them. This is temporarily startling to them and possibly will stop the fight.

Never spray water on the cats. This doesn't stop the fighting. It only makes them wet and probably even more ready to fight.

Keep their clams trimmed. By keeping them trimmed down this will reduce injury to the cats and you too.

Finally the best tip to stop cat fighting is to get your cat spayed or neutered. This is known to not only control the pet population but also helps aggression in pets.

Sometimes the cats will just not get along. Especially when an older cat has been the main boss around the house for awhile and then a new cat is introduce. In the end you might have to consider giving one of the cats away to either a relative, friend, or the local shelter.



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