How to Make Time For You


"Time outs" are usually needed, but not always taken. Now, I'm not talking about a time out in the corner although that might also be something you need. I am talking about taking some much needed time for you and yourself.

There are many reasons you may not take time for yourself but today we are going to be discussing the main reason to be family.

Not taking the time for you because:

1. You have young children who demand your time?

- First step of demanding children is to get them to not be so demanding. If you follow these steps as well as get them accomplished they will not only allow you to have more time for yourself, but help you be less stressed.

- Concentrating on our ultimate goal which is to give you time for yourself you must find someone who can meet your requests and stick to the schedule you set. The more capable they are to following the schedule the more easy the transition will be back and forth. Your child will know no matter who is watching him/her they will be doing the same thing that you do for them. They will also know that if they do something wrong that they will have the same consequences (such as a time out).

2. Your other half works so hard you feel guilty?

- The first thing to do is to except the fact of your spouse or...having to work so much. If it can't be changed than there is no use in crying over spilled milk.

- If you find your spouse still offering to watch the children so you can have time to yourself... take the time! Don't feel guilty because although they work so do you! If you really feel guilty about it sit down with your spouse or casually bring it up and discuss you both having a day out of the week or every other week or even month for yourselves. Fit it into your schedule.

- Many parents feel guilty for leaving their children with someone else especially if you feel it is your duty, which is another thing I am going to ask you to except. Although you have the job of watching your children it does not mean you shouldn't get a break. If you work a 9-5 job they are required to give you breaks, so why should you not get a break working a 24/7 job? There is no "good enough" reason as to why you shouldn't!

3. Your children, spouse or yourself are not comfortable with others watching the kids?

- Find someone who you are comfortable with.

7 Helpful tips/ questions that may help you on how to find the right babysitter.

1.) Is this person reliable?
2.) Do they have your child's best interest at heart?
3.) Are they old enough for your situation?
4.) Do they have references?
5.) Are they punctual?
6.) Are you comfortable them?
7.) How much do they charge/Is the price okay for you?

There are also many search engines to look into different services and their requirements. You can also host your own personal interviews for the extremely important job opening, watching your beloved child/children.

- You may not feel comfortable leaving your children in the house with someone else or it may be the other way around and your children aren't comfortable with you leaving them alone with someone else. Remember, you don't necessarily have to leave the house to have time to yourself! If you are looking to get out of the house you can try doing it in steps by staying at home while someone else watches them. Go into another room, draw a nice bubble bath, or read a book. Do something you enjoy while knowing that your child is right in the next room and you are able to check in on them at anytime you feel the itch to. If it is your child who is uncomfortable try to stay away as much as possible, do not go into the same room as your child every time he/she calls for you. This will make it a harder process. Once you have both accomplished this task, try to do it for a short period of time, maybe schedule the sitter to come for an hour while you run an errand or two, OR you could go get a manicure! You could also schedule something fun for your child to do while you are out such as arts and crafts in the backyard or a new movie. Whatever your child's interest is make it fun for them so that you and they both know while you are gone they are going to be preoccupied and having fun. That should be all you need!

4. You work too much and don't feel like you have enough time in the day?

- Do you makes "to do" lists or keeps track of your deadlines? Or feel like there is not enough time in the day for all the things you need to get done? If you look back, I bet you get everything done on that "to do" list by your deadline. Even though you may be scrunching time in (i.e. all nighters) I could bet you that all the important things on that "to do" list always seems to get done by the deadline. You always have time, even though it may seem like there isn't. Determination is the key and your child/ren don't deserve any less than your best. Now if you are the one who works too much and you feel like the rest of your time should go toward your children, know that it isn't bad for you to take some time for yourself! Make another list of the time you have of which you don't work and separate sometime for them and sometime for you! Although your children need time with you, you need time for you as well. If you don't make time for yourself eventually it will hit you and you will have difficulty just coping with the everyday things.

No matter the reason you somewhat know that it is something you need or else you wouldn't be reading this article. The best way to look at it is, the much needed time you take for yourself will give you a break giving you some down time and making you feel less stressed. Ultimately making you a better mother/father or...etc. I wish you all the best of luck with these steps and hope everything works out wonderfully.



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