The Right Age to Be Married


A few years ago, it was normal to find a twenty one year old who has achieved the major milestones in life; that means that one has graduated from college, is married and has a number of children.

Today, many people are pursuing their careers and putting marriage aside up to their later years of life. It is common to find a thirty year old lady, still single and deeply engrossed in building a career. Is this right?

Another issue that causes people to get married in their later years is that many parents shield their children from the world while arguing that their children are very young. You may find a twenty five year old man living with his parents who are willing to accommodate him for as long as possible, making their son not to grow up.

I am challenged by young men in their early twenties, who are in the army. These men are independent, can make sound decisions and are often entrusted with very expensive firearms. Why then should some parents feel that their twenty five year olds' are too young to marry?

If we allow our children to be responsible from an early age, we will be confident to see them enter into marriage as long as they are above eighteen years old and have met a desirable partner. With a family, people are compelled to work harder in life as they have no other option but to fend for their families.

For those focusing on building careers at the expense of marriage, I would like to advise that they take another thought and reconsider their decisions. After all, we all need someone special to share our life with.



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