The Truth About Hair Loss Surgery


You might disagree, but hear me out on this. Having a hair loss surgery to stop your receding hair line may not be a smart move. Let's find out why.

Many people with the problem of falling hair think of a hair loss surgery as the one and only solution to it. They spend thousands of dollars on this treatment which not only provides temporary results, but also does nothing to solve the root cause of the problem.

What is that? Glad you asked. Let's find out now why this hair loss happens in the first place.

In people with hereditary baldness, the Androgen hormone is converted into a substance known as Dihydrotestostrone (DHT) by enzymes. This DHT binds itself to the follicles in the scalp and prevents the oxygen rich blood from reaching them.

The lack of blood causes the follicles to shrink and lose their ability to produce new hairs. So when the old hairs fall off, there are no new ones to cover for them and take their place. This is what causes the hair to get thinner and ultimately leads to baldness.

This problem affects both men and women, and fortunately, has a single, easy solution.

That solution is to simply reduce the DHT content in the blood stream. There is really no need for expensive surgeries that can easily cost anywhere from $4000 to $20000 depending on the extent of your hair problem. These surgeries can also cause side effects like swelling on the scalp and eyes and can also cause the formation of cysts on the head.

Plus, the hair loss surgery would have to be repeated again in the future once the effects begin to wear off - it's not a permanent solution at all.

The Alternative
You can easily fix this problem by taking the FDA approved ingredient Minoxidil. It is very effective at inhibiting the DHT in the blood stream.

The reduced DHT enables the blood supply to the follicles which are once again able to produce healthy new hair. This is simply the best treatment you can get anywhere for falling hair.

Make no mistake about it. A hair loss surgery can set you back a huge sum of money without really solving your problem. Look for a better solution which doesn't cost the earth. Visit my website now for more information on how to do it.



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