What to Say on a First Date - For Men


So, there you are: sitting at a bar and trying to find what to say and what not to say on a date. Here is a list of things you should say on a date.

- Talk about things that are fun and light. Avoid any religion and politic talks. As a matter of fact you may want to avoid any long logic conversations as attraction feeds out of emotions and irrationality. This it doesn't mean that the date should look like a tour on Alice wonderland's, just avoid proving a mathematical theorem there and then.

- Compliment and tease. This technique first makes the girls feel nice and then adds a play fullness that makes the relationship very light. It builds a nice felling and then you take it away.

- Touch a lot. You must be always on the old motto, two steps forward, one step back. Don't escalate constantly but make two escalations and then take one back.

- Find commonalities or invent them if it is necessary. Music, films, trips, animals anything can be used about this.

- Talk about your dreams. The ones you had when you were young plus the ones you have now.

- Share stories that convey preselection by other women, leadership and protection of loved ones. Avoid any creepy or violent stories. And no, she doesn't want to know about what you did to enter in your fraternity.

- Offer roller coaster experiences. Do things that shake the girl and then offer her some good emotions back.

- Last but important. Change venues. As much as you can. This creates a yes ladder, a sort of building trust as the more she moves with you around, the more she trusts you and you will need that when you will find the two of you in bed.



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