Simple Tips to Be Happy


Several Factors to Happiness

How is one reaching a state of happiness? There are several factors leading to this state. First crucial detail to know: Do not expect happiness coming from what you "will" have, what you "will" do or where you "will" be. Happiness doesn't ever come "to" you. It comes "from" you! It is interesting how by the simple thought of "feeling happy" attract happy people, interactions, events, surprises, and so on. Why and how is this happening? It does for several reasons.

Here are the main reasons why and how we all become happy.

* Be Grateful!

Someone said, "I don't get up of bed until I have a tear of gratitude rolling down my cheek.

Look around you. Look at what you already have. It may not seem like much, but I guarantee you that if you have a computer, you are probably having already a pretty good life. Look at your job. If you have a job, it is already a blessing. Look at you family. Look at your wife when she prepares you something to eat. Notice when she smiles at you and at your children. Look at your children and how they laugh so happily. They are a song to the world. Now look at yourself. Are you overall healthy?

Do you have your senses? Can you see, hear, feel, taste, and smell the world around you? Having a healthy body or mainly healthy is a blessing we often take for granted. Look at your possession. Do you have a nice place? Do you have a nice house? Do you have a patio or a garden? Do birds sing in the morning? Did you know that in most of the places in the world, except in the middle of the ocean, you can hear birds singing it the morning? Isn't it also a blessing? Do you have a nice park not too far where you can take a walk from time to time? By the way, this also will increase your level of happiness: walking.

Accept others

Too often are we not accepting others the right way? Take a moment and watch others interacting without being critical. We are all, after all cousins! Did you know that at one point in time, there were only a few talking human beings on earth? Try to be open-minded and accept others. It is a blessing not to be alone! Look at the good side of your community. You are not alone if you accept others in your life. You want to have friends? Be a friend.

Why should we give?

I want to talk about something very important right here. If you see a poor man heading out his hand, do you avoid him; do you look at him unfriendly, and so on? Try to find in your heart to give him a dollar. And you know why? You and others will benefit for this Act or Random Kindness. Scientists have found that if you give something from your heart or help someone, you release serotonin.

When the serotonin level gets high, you feel better, your immune system is stronger, if you are sick you heal quicker, and you become happier, of course! But it doesn't stop right here! In fact, still supported by science, people witnessing you giving or helping someone will have their own serotonin level shooting up! They will feel better, healthier, and heal faster! And of course, the poor man will also have his serotonin level climbing and feel better, happier, and healthier! Just for a dollar you have become happier, and make others feel better! Buy the way, when you give with your mind and heart, not because you have to. Try to smile to the poor and say a nice word like "here brother, good luck to you"

*feel happy

Feeling happy is something you train yourself to be. Happiness is in the journey, not the destination! Walk happily, feel happily, and be thankful for even a slight little progress in your life, a small improvement. There is a great trick to boost your energy level for happiness. Sit down, take a paper and pencil, and write down all the improvement in your life. What is new, what is better, what you did for your last vacation, who did you meet in the library or party or the gym, and go on writing until you feel you jot down the most of that for the last six months.

Now repeat the process for the last 12 months, 2 years, 3 years and as far as even 10 years or even 20 will see what you have accomplished and feel like on the top of the world guaranteed! By the way try to-do this as often as possible. We all take too many things for granted.


So now you can see that there are hundreds of reasons to smile laugh and sing in your life. I hope I brought you good stuff for you to think about and live your life happier. But the way, try to make a habit to hum or sing from time to time. And when you are happy, go ahead and dance on one leg! Try it, right now, there also a new discovery for me: laughing yoga. This thing comes from India. People get together to laugh! Not always with a reason to do so, they even force themselves to laugh! Google laughing yoga, go on You-Tube! It I insane but you know what it works!


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