How to Save a Bad Relationship - 5 Easy Tips to Save a Bad Relationship With Your Partner


5 Easy Tips to Save a Bad Relationship With Your Partner

1) Acceptance - The first thing that should be done is for you to sit down with you partner, somewhere quiet where you won't be distracted and talk to them. They may not even be aware that you consider your relationship to be bad. You should each confide to the other the reasons why you are unsatisfied with the relationship and how you feel about it. For your relationship to recover you must both accept that you may have a problem.

2) Focus - If possible, try and focus in on the problem. Maybe you fight with each other, maybe your communication feels very artificial and forced, or maybe there is a feeling of disinterest from one or both of you. You need to know what the problem is before you can fix it.

3) Time Out - Sometimes a bit of timeout is good for everyone. Perhaps spend a week or two away with a friend and allow both you and your partner some time alone. This can give both of you a chance to realize how much you miss and love each other, and allows some time to clarify thoughts and feelings. A bad relationship may merely be a stressed one, spend some time apart for a little while and you will feel the benefits when you return to each other.

4) Recovery - Think back to when you both first met, what did you love about each other, were there any activities that you both enjoyed doing together? Relive these times, go out on your first date all over again with each other, feel like that love-struck teenager you were the first time you met, you will soon realize why you fell in love.

5) Maintenance - Make sure you can spend quality time together doing an activity you both enjoy. Something as simple as a nice walk once or twice a week can be very therapeutic for yourself, your partner, and you relationship. The amount of time is not important here it is the quality that matters, so make an effort, this is your soul mate we're dealing with!



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