Why Can't I Quit Smoking? Why is it So Hard?


Quitting smoking is generally seen as being somewhere between hard and impossible. While this doesn't have to be the case, many peoples' beliefs prevent them from finding ways to quit that aren't perilously difficult.

Society as a whole has smokers such as yourself convinced that stopping is very difficult. The tobacco industry plays up the supposed good sides of smoking (such as confidence and maturity) while making sure that you keep your blinders on towards the risks of smoking.

Even with the whole ban on tobacco advertising, your subconscious is still hit with all of these reminders about the upside to smoking.

The funny thing is that there isn't an upside to cigarettes. Before you dismiss this as a bunch of baloney though, hear me out. The reason why you feel more confident when you're smoking is because by inhaling nicotine, you're reducing the effects of nicotine withdrawal. The very problems that you believe smoking solves are, in reality, created by it instead. Every time you light up, you're setting yourself up to feel the anxiety, emptiness, and uneasiness that cigarettes supposedly cure.

In short, the supposed benefits to tobacco are, in fact, a sad fallacy. Their belief is reinforced by the tobacco industry and, worse, other smokers. Any time someone tries to quit, fails, and smokes again, they go on about how good that one cigarette felt, because they could finally stop torturing themselves.

It doesn't have to be that way. It doesn't even have to be difficult to quit. At worst, it has to occupy a few hours of your time.

Want to read more about how easily you can quit? Take a look at this review of one of the leading methods for quitting smoking. Even the worst chain-smoker can be cured in just a few hours by reading over this guide.



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