9 Diet Tips You Can Count On


Here's are 9 diet tips you can count on to help you get on the right track to eating healthier and developing good eating habits. Spending half our Sunday's preparing meals for the week just doesn't seem all that practical, so you can try following these simple steps!!!

1. You'll need to get rid of your canned veggies and switch to frozen veggies instead. Canned vegetables are extremely high in sodium and very low in nutrition. Purchase the economy sized bags that you can get small potions from and then zip the bag back up for safe storage.

2. Get yourself a vegetable steamer. Steaming your vegetables is one of the best ways to cook vegetables. When you steam veggies, almost all of the natural nutrients are retained instead of seeping out into boiling water. This, of course, makes your veggies taste much better therefore you are much more likely to eat them rather than filling up on the same old food that's causing you to gain weight.

3. Are you eating out a lot?? Food portions at restaurants are usually much larger than they should be. When we were kids we were taught to "clean our plates", a rule most of us still stick to today. If at all possible, try ordering from the kids menu where the portions are much smaller.

4. Try keeping some healthy snacks around that you can access easily. On your kitchen table you should have a bowl of fruit at all times. In the fridge you should have plenty of carrots or celery sticks accessible. At your office you should have a couple of pop-open cans of fruit or some breakfast bars in your desk for those times you get sudden hunger pangs. What I'm saying is that you need to keep good, healthy food at your finger tips, not candy bars or chips or cookies.

5. Drink plenty of water. In order to keep your body working properly, the FDA recommends that you consume at least 64 ounces of water per day, approximately 8 glasses. It's not only to make you feel full, but water is great for cleaning out your system, helping your food to digest properly and keeping you hydrated.

6. If you don't really want to join a gym, then find some friends who would like to exercise with you. Try getting together 3 times a week or more to go bowling, play volleyball or play tag football or soccer. You guys can even go for a walk or jog for about a half hour a day.

7. Your meals should be spread out during the course of the day. When you eat just 3 meals per day, your body stores whatever it doesn't use. If you eat 6 to 8 small meals instead, you'll be able to keep your metabolism working all day long. Try eating a small breakfast, some fruit at mid-morning, a small lunch and a healthy snack at mid-afternoon, and then a small dinner. Try to remember that you're just breaking up your eating habits to keep your metabolism working. You don't want to add extra food to your daily intake.

8. Instead of drinking carbonated beverages, you should try a piece of fruit or some flavored water instead. Carbonated beverages are nothing more than a bunch of empty calories that are loaded with sugar and no nutrients.

9. Stop eating chips, cookies and candy bars. These types of foods only contribute to excess fat, calories and sugar, sodium and not much more. Try grabbing some dried fruit or some yogurt for a much more nutritional snack instead.

Article written by: David L. Donaldson

Losing weight and fat have got to be the hardest thing there is to do !!! I got tired of struggling with my weight so I took action and got to work on it and this is what I found. There are many ways that you can lose weight these days. The Internet offers hundreds of weight loss and diet programs that can help you in your up-hill battle. I have found some answers to curing my problem and so can you.

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