Chemicals in Traditional Shampoo


Traditional shampoo has harmful chemicals that effect your scalp. Your scalp is a very sensitive part of your body and can absorb harmful chemicals more easily than other areas of your body. Sodium lauryl sulfate is a cleanser that is used in the majority of traditional hair care products all over the world. The chemical is used as a detergent in our hair and foams up to create a lather that removes grime and dirt. Both sodium laureth sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate can be found as two main ingredients in any shampoo bottle. Take a look at your shampoo, chances are these ingredients will be on there!

Both of these ingredients are cancer-causing agents. However, the cosmetic industry has deemed both ingredients safe for use. Another chemical that you should avoid in your regular every day shampoo is cocoamide diethanolamine and ammonium laureth sulfate. These two chemicals often make up two-third of all traditional hair care cleansers. If you want to focus on organic hair, all of these chemicals should be avoided.

Did you know that many shampoos that claim to be organic are actually not? Even some shampoos that claim to be organic have harsh cleaning agents that will affect your scalp. Many organic and green stores carry hair care products that contain the same ingredients that are in regular shampoo. Sometimes, marketers will claim that an organic shampoo that is "derived from coconut" when in reality they are just talking about the ingredient sodium laureth sulfate (it has coconut compounds in it). For the best hair, use organic shampoo.



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