Important Components of a Computer


Now-a-days computers are extensively used in different fields of life. Everybody needs a computer because without it, one can not progress in this computerized world. Every person should know the basic information of computers. It is a complex machine but nothing is impossible in this world.

What is a computer? It is basically a combination of hardware and software. Hardware components of computer are the parts you can touch. A computer has many parts such as monitor, CPU, keyboard and mouse.

1) CPU(central processing unit)
It is the most important part of the computer. It controls all the functions and programs. It contains small chips made up wires and semiconductors. Other hardware components are motherboard, control unit, RAM and ROM, CD and DVD ROMs, floppy disk, VGA and adapter cards etc.

2) Monitor and speakers
Monitor is a device used to display the text, videos and images. Back in the days very big monitors were used but now-a-days small monitors are used. These small monitors have more advanced features than the older ones. A huge variety of flat screen monitors is available in the market. Many flat screen monitors come with speakers. Over some time, Demand of these monitors has increased.

3) Keyboard and mouse
Keyboard and mouse are both input devices. These devices are used to input data into the computer. Keyboard is mainly used for typing. Mouse is only used to point and click on the icons.

All the above components are very important. You can also install other components to your computer such as USB ports and modem.



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