Michael Jackson VS Elvis Presley


Who was the best?

To be frank they were both brilliant entertainers in there own right.

Elvis Presley

Elvis was a singer from the 1950's through to the 60's and 70's and died at the age of 42 on 16th August 1977 at his home at Graceland of Cardiac Arrest and not a Heart Attack as was reported. Elvis left one daughter Lisa Marie aged 9. Elvis had suffered from glaucoma and water retention in the past and the effects of years of American Southern cooking and legal use of drugs prescribed by his physician, which ultimately lead to the singers death. Elvis played racquetball in the morning before he died. He returned to his home and played Unchained Melody in his living room, then he proceeded to his bedroom, so Elvis seemed to be quite fit as he was preparing for another concert tour.

Michael Jackson

Michael was a singer from the 1960's, 70's, 80's, 90's through to 2009 when he died at the age of 50 on 25th June 2009 at his home at Holmby Hills in Los Angeles, he also died of reported cardiac arrest. Michael left 3 children Prince Michael, 10; Paris Katherine, 9; and Prince Michael II, aka "Blanket," 5. Michael suffered for years from a skin disorder vitiligo, a rare disease that discolors the face and body, plus he had many cosmetic surgery operations at least 20, to change his face as he was unhappy with his features especially his nose, probably as a result from physical and mental abuse in his childhood. Jackson probably died as a result of all the stress and anguish of the years of accusations and resulting court cases over the last 10-15 years. Michael was apparently fighting fit two days before his death, as he was preparing to play a 50 date concert at the O2 Arena in London, England. His body most likely couldn't take the strain of the rehearsals.

Difference between Cardiac Arrest and Heart Attack

A heart attack is when the heart becomes irregular and there is circulation problems. A cardiac arrest is when the heart stops beating and happens without warning. Though they are both deadly, a cardiac arrest needs treatment within minutes if not seconds, where as a heart attack can come on more slowly, as long as the patient is made comfortable they can survive long enough for help to arrive, but I must STRESS this is not always the case as every situation is different.


The difference between the two singers, you can't really judge as Elvis Presley started it all,he was the original music rebel, as John Lennon said 'If it wasn't for Elvis Presley, there would be no Beatles" he was known as the King of Rock'n' Roll, a title given to him by his fans.

Michael Jackson is what started the video era, even today's music videos do NOT have a patch on any of his videos, even the ones from the 1970's. The King of Pop is the self-proclaimed title MJ gave himself.

All in all they both were geniuses in there own genre giving fans and the World music they loved, movements and dances that are and still original, which nobody can imitate, even though they spawned thousands of imitators, tribute acts, impersonators (imps) or whatever you want to call them. There will NEVER be another Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson.

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