Drinking Green Tea to Lose Weight?


Green Tea helps in weight loss programs because it contains ingredients which help to speed up the body's metabolism. And of course, when the metabolism speeds up, the body has the ability to burn calories faster which not only aids in weight loss, but helps to increase energy levels. It also slows the body's ability to store fat and sugar. Drinking it helps to reduce the appetite.

There are lots of ways to incorporate green tea into your diet. Instead of drinking coffee and regular tea, brew a pot of green tea. You can drink it hot or let it cool down and refrigerate it for iced tea. If you prefer carbonated drinks, you can purchase cans of it. You can even get them in different flavors. You just want to be sure that you are choosing products that do not have a lot of added sugar, which can keep you from losing weight.

If you do not care for the flavor, you can always get the supplements. You can get the same benefits from the supplements as you get from the drinks. The supplements allow you access to Green Tea even when you do not have access to the drink. You will need to take the supplement three times a day before meals.

For those times when you cannot brew a pot of tea or if you are somewhere that drinks are not allowed, you can always chew some green-tea gum. Most of the available gums are sugar free so that you can have them whenever you want. However, there is only minimal weight loss effect.

There is also a Green-Tea Patch. All you need to do is to place the thin patch on a hairless part of the body. The green tea will infuse itself into the body. You can wear the patch for up to 48 hours and the adhesive is strong enough to stay put in the shower.

Other benefits of Green Tea include reducing cholesterol, stabilizing blood pressure, reducing stress, increasing mental capabilities, works as a digestive aid, is an antioxidant, and helps to delay the aging process.



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