Eat Away Your Stress


What you put in your mouth in the name of food and drink has direct effect on the totality of your being. Bad nutrition strains your digestive system and puts excess pressure on the heart.

In this generation we are always in a hurry and we live a busy lifestyle which makes us to depend on ready made foods such as frozen foods, tinned and packaged foods. We don 't have the time to prepare and cook fresh meals that will add vitamins and nutrients to our body.

We know but we choose to forget that all these ready made foods are all refined products which does not give us adequate nutrition because all the essential components are missing. In their unrefined form when they are cooked we gain vitamins which can help us boost our energy.

Even the "fresh fruits and vegetables" which are supposed to be the best source of essential vitamins and minerals, once they have been packaged,

Drinking of water gives us plenty of energy while drinking too many cups of tea and coffee causes nervous breakdown, exhaustion and headaches.

To live a stress free life change your diet to one that boosts your energy. Drink plenty of water everyday. It may take some time to get used to this new pattern of eating and drinking, but once you get used to it you will feel the difference physically and mentally.It may be a bit difficult at first to drink a lot of water because it was a bit difficult for me too, but you will get use to it.



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