7 Ways to Plan a Low Cost Wedding


Weddings are expensive affairs. Whilst you want to have everything perfect for the day you also don't want to be bankrupt. So how do you get the best of both worlds? Well, there are some simple low cost wedding tips that you can use which will allow you to have a great wedding on a shoestring budget.

  1. Low Cost Venues: If you want to have a larger wedding, then you will need to have a good sized venue. Instead of hiring a cheap ugly school hall, rather think outside of the box when you need to cut costs. What about a garden somewhere or a park that allows weddings. You could have your wedding on a beach nearby or even in a forest. Some of these will be free venues, but if you do have to pay, the costs will be far less than at a hotel.
  2. Affordable Gowns: The wedding gown is by far the most important part to any bride. They long to feel like a princess, but with the price of gowns, you might be thinking about an ordinary white day dress or evening dress from your local store. Well, don't worry. There are ways you can get affordable wedding gowns just like you pictured. Ask around at bridal boutiques for the mannequin dresses, find sales, look online, and try second hand gowns. These will all help cut costs without compromising on your ideals.
  3. How to Afford the Flowers: Flowers are expensive so one simple way to afford them is to use silk flowers. These might work out cheaper depending on how many you need. You can also go for centerpieces that use something other than flowers and just opt for a single flower on each table with candles instead.
  4. Cheap Wedding Favors: If you want to find cheap wedding favors, the best bet is to make them yourself. Give people a thank you that is personal and special. You can make seed packets, make a craft that you are good at, or just write a special note and place inside an organza bag with a bite size chocolate.
  5. Cutting Cake Costs: The cake is a huge part of the wedding, but also costs a lot of money. You can cut costs by having a small cake as the display and then a large plain sponge one for the guests to eat. You can also create the tiers with lots of mini cupcakes instead. You could get a friend or family member to make these.
  6. Meal on a Budget: The meal is the most expensive part of the wedding. If you have budget issues, then don't hesitate to do away with the three course meal and choose a buffet or lamb on the spit. You can also do a morning or afternoon wedding and serve snacks instead which are cheaper.
  7. Cheap Decor: The decor makes any wedding special and creates the perfect mood. To decorate cheaply find things you can use from your home or ask friends to help. You can borrow off cuts of fabric from a store, or find out about hiring decor items like candle sticks and fabric.

With some creativity, you don't have to settle for a boring small get together at your house after all!



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