Break-Up - Feeling Trapped and Heartbroken?


I'm sure you've seen at least once a fly knocking its head against a window over and over again, trying to get on the other side of it. The fly doesn't stop to look for another way. It just keeps on hurting itself, desperately trying to escape. In Neuro-Linguistic Programming they say that "if you keep doing what you've been doing, you will keep getting what you've been getting". In the same way, if you keep thinking how you've been thinking you will keep feeling how you've been feeling, because feelings are created by the way you think and talk to yourself.

Imagine for a second that you are in a maze and that you are trying to get out of it. Well, the walls of that maze are your limiting beliefs, which set the limits of where you can go and what you can do next. The more limiting beliefs, the more walls, the less space for creative thinking. If you are in a truly difficult life situation that puts you in a maze that is already far more complicated than any other maze that you have ever gotten out of, a maze that gives you only a few ways out...AND you block those few ways out with limiting beliefs that you don't even know you have, then you're doomed to be trapped in that maze for the rest of your life, just like the fly is doomed to be trapped inside its own maze, because it cannot see the transparent glass.

Some women end up heartbroken after a break-up and some don't. How is that possible?

Well, it's possible because the break-up itself can only push the button. The bomb is in your own mind. You're the one who is creating it with your own thoughts and limiting beliefs. So remember: After a break-up, "it's your own thoughts that get you in the end." And there are a few thoughts and limiting beliefs (like "You can find true love only once in a lifetime") that if you tweak, the entire domino of suffering that keeps you trapped and heartbroken...will stop, and you will get back your peace of mind.



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