Best Snacks For Dieters - Snacking While on a Diet


Perhaps you wake up at night feeling a few pangs of hunger and check the time only to find that breakfast time is hours away. Still, you have that gnawing feeling inside, those hunger pangs stay unsatisfied for as long as you choose to ignore them. It is decision time.

You either have a snack now and go back to sleep, or you stick out, count sheep and try to go back to sleep. If you choose to count sheep. let me tell you, you are in for a sleepless few hours.

What are some guidelines for snacking while on a diet?

If you have a calorie chart with your diet plan, you want to choose something wholesome, that will leave you feeling satisfied afterwards, and aim for something of about a hundred calories to meet the need.

Some healthy suggestions are: A slice of wholemeal bread with a low sugar conserve, of strawberry perhaps. Low fat yoghurt or low fat cheese with carrot batons. These are ideal to control your blood sugar levels.

As long as you keep to healthy food choices when snacking you won't go far wrong.

The need for a snack can arise anytime of day, not just at night. Apples are excellent for fibre. They are easy to digest and refreshing. They are easy to take with you as well and you don't need to worry about how you store them.

A banana is very filling and makes me feel full for hours after eating one. You could try adding a little something special such as ice cream to a few slices of banana, as a mini treat, to keep you going.

There is no need to starve yourself when dieting, and there are lots of healthy and wholesome choices for snacks.



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