Student Career Research - 4 Key Points to Consider!


If you're a current or prospective student, wondering what on earth you could possibly do with the course you're on, or planning to take, then you're certainly not alone.

There are, however, a few key points that can make the process a little simpler, and if you're in the throes of student career research, here are our top 4 key points to consider:

1. It's Not All About Money
Sure, money is nice. Better than nice in fact - it's fantastic! But the truth is, if you don't love, or at least like, your chosen career, you're never going to be happy, and if you're not happy, you're never going to excel!

Also, remember that it's a tough economy out there, and while salary survey statistics can help, they are an average, and even if that is the average going rate, you might end up earning considerably less than that - unless you're a top achiever that is!

2. Growth Potential
Choosing a career is a little like buying stocks - you're deciding now, while gambling on future developments. Yes, you're making an educated guess, but it is a guess nonetheless. Of course, some fields, like medicine and law are always in demand, if your field is a little less stable than that, you will need to do your homework! Investigate the industry, and opportunities. Try to imagine your career plan - where you want to go, and how you'll get there.

3. Lateral Opportunity

Try to look for careers that offer you a little lateral leeway, should things not always run smoothly in your career. Look for careers that offer entrepreneurial possibility, or the possibility of consulting. Consider other possible career moves, such as teaching, or maybe something related to your field. Planning for the worst, and hoping for the best, is about the best you can do in these tough economic days, and if you can find a career that offers more than one option for earning, you might just have a winner.

4. Cost
There are thousands, if not millions of people out there who would love to study something, but simply lack the funds. It's a sad fact of life, but a fact nonetheless. When you choose a career path, try to be realistic! If you don't have a healthy college fund, or a scholarship, you may have to lower your ideals a little. Don't give up completely, but just look for alternatives that suit you, and your situation.

Student career research is tricky, and it can feel like you're making a decision that will make or break your future. That's halfway true - many people have, however, been known to make complete career changes later on, so even if you do decide down the road that you want a change, that's always a possibility!

Another good idea is to look for internships, where you can spend some time in your chosen career before you make a final decision - try it before you buy it if you will. That, along with speaking to people already in that field, is a great way to make the choice a little easier!

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