'So You Think You Can Dance' Has Good Messages For Everybody.


Lately, one of my guilty pleasures is watching the reality show So You Think You Can Dance

Each week, the contestants are taken out of their dancing comfort zone and made to learn new choreography in an unfamiliar style… with a partner they are unfamiliar with. In a limited time frame. In front of an international audience.

The incredible thing is, that each week the dancers nail it. They perform incredible dances that they’ve just learned, and they do it amazingly well.

But what’s really amazing is what’s going on behind the scenes in the competitors’ brain. Each week, under pressure, they are asked to intake a lot of new information (a new dance style) and assimilate it with knowledge they already have (technique and skills from their own dance experience.) The contestants adapt quickly, and under a tremendous amount of pressure and scrutiny.

Taking new information, figuring out how it fits with older knowledge, and then assimilating the two quickly—these are the same skills that pay off in the classroom.

So You Think You Can Dance has some important messages for students and parents alike:

  • It shows contestants adapting to new challenges and always having a good attitude and putting their best foot forward (literally!)
  • It has good lessons about taking constructive criticism and learning from it, and applying what you’ve learned
  • It shows that anything can be accomplished when you have passion and work to develop your skills
  • It celebrates the power of teamwork and what can be accomplished when teams encourage and support each other

Yes, So You think You Can Dance can be provocative and can push the envelope but for the most part, this reality show has positive messages about the benefits of hard work, striving to meet new challenges, and reaching personal goals. These lessons are important, whether on the dance floor, in the boardroom, or in the classroom.



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