iPods not just for music anymore


If your child came home and told you that he needed an iPod for school, you’d probably be pretty suspicious. But this is just the sort of thing that your child may be telling you in the near future.

Duke University has repurposed music-playing iPods to function in the classroom. Since 2004, all incoming freshmen have received iPods to supplement their course work. This pilot project explores the potential of multimedia devices as educational supports. So far, the project has been well received.

The iPods are used to supplement course material by allowing faculty and students to:

  • Post and download lecture notes
  • Access course support materials like videos, images and Podcasts
  • Record oral exams
  • Have an easily portable, accessible, and transferable way to access notes

Student and teachers alike take training classes that cover both proper use of the device as well as responsible usage of the technology—a key point since critics say that multimedia devices in the classroom create new ways for students to cheat.



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