How To Study: Part 2



  • Carry a homework planner with you at all times - that means to every class. Enter homework, projects, tests and assignments as soon as you are given them. Do not trust your memory - write it down as soon as the teacher assigns it!
  • Choose a comfortable place. Sorry, lying on the floor, listening to loud music or having the TV on in the background will not cut it!
  • Check your homework planner and begin by asking yourself the following questions: What am I supposed to do? When is the assignment due? Where can I get the necessary information? How do I do the assignment?

Studying for Tests

  • Make a plan. Set goals for each session. Divide your material into units and assign one unit per day. Give yourself a three-day break before the test and make sure that you have learned all the units by then.
  • Study in short bursts. Fifteen minutes at a time is excellent. After 15 minutes, take a five-minute breather. Do some exercise. Stick your head out the door. Get refocused.
  • Use the SQRCRC method: Survey the headings, introductions and summaries in order to get the main idea. Question yourself. "What do I hope to learn by reading this note?" Read carefully for detail. Cover the work. Recite what you have just read, trying for main ideas and details. Check to see how well you have done.

Be Prepared

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